Cypress delivers high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of today’s most advanced embedded systems, from automotive, industrial and networking platforms to highly interactive consumer and mobile devices.
With a broad, differentiated product portfolio that includes NOR flash memories, F-RAM and SRAM, Traveo™ microcontrollers, the industry’s only PSoC® programmable system-on-chip solutions, analog and PMIC Power Management ICs, CapSense® capacitive touch-sensing controllers, and Wireless BLE Bluetooth® Low-Energy and USB connectivity solutions.

■No. 1 in SRAMs
■No. 1 in NOR Flash memories
■No. 3 provider of automotive MCUs and memories
■No. 1 in CapSense capacitive-sensing controllers
■Designed the industry’s first USB Type-C port controllers


Cypress develops and markets general-purpose and application-specific 8-, 16- and 32-bit MCUs for a wide range of consumer, automotive, industrial, medical and other applications.



PSoC® is the world's only programmable embedded System-on-Chip integrating an MCU core, high-performance Programmable Analog Blocks, PLD-based Programmable Digital Blocks, Programmable Interconnect and Routing, and CapSense.
All new PSoC devices feature the industry standard ARM® Cortex® MCU cores.



Cypress is the world leader in Capacitive Sensing technologies. Cypress's broad range of solutions provides robust noise immunity, enables quick time to market and system scalability, and has replaced more than 5 Billion mechanical buttons over the past several years.


Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)

PSoC® 4 BLE and PRoC™ BLE solutions are now Bluetooth 4.2 compliant.
PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE are the first single-mode solutions to achieve full-featured Bluetooth 4.2 qualification.



Cypress is the global leader in high-performance and low power memories.
NOR Flash Memory, NAND Flash Memory, HyperRAM Memory, Nonvolatile RAM,
Asynchronous SRAM, Synchronous SRAMs



Cypress is the market leader in USB with a complete portfolio of USB solutions.
While Cypress continues to expand its Low Speed, Full Speed, and Hi-Speed USB portfolio in consumer, industrial, and medical applications, Cypress is poised to provide industry’s best solution in compliance with the emerging USB Type-C standard.